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Welcome to Wire Productions – where innovation meets resilience, and the show goes on, pandemic or not! We didn't just survive; we thrived, keeping the world "On-Air" during the global chaos by seamlessly transitioning to Virtual Cloud Productions. By merging in-person talent with cutting-edge cloud-based video conferencing platforms, we redefined audience connection.

In these challenging times, we stood strong, assisting educators, churches, and non-profits in seamlessly integrating web-based on-demand video production solutions. It's been emotional, but with great leadership comes inspiring solutions that unite audiences globally. Whether it's a keynote speaker stealing the spotlight or a live theatre production taking center stage, Wire Productions is your partner in ensuring a flawlessly executed production.

Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals, has conquered a diverse range of events – from live in-person gatherings to virtual business presentations, dramatic plays, concerts, and hybrid events. We've got the infrastructure, the tech prowess, and the experience to make your event unforgettable.

Need extra stagehands for an upcoming show? Our local, non-union AV labor support is ready to ensure your production hits the ground running. Looking to elevate the aesthetics of your event? Collaborate with our event architects to design the perfect look. No event is too grand or too intimate – reach out to discover the limitless possibilities our nationwide event production company can bring to your event. Let's turn your vision into an extraordinary reality today!


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