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Event Audio-Visual Equipment Rentals

For product announcements or concerts, having the correct event audio-visual equipment rentals in Texas is crucial. In the absence of suitable equipment, not only will your message be inaudible to guests, but the overall presentation may appear unprofessional. Wire Productions provides an extensive selection of top-tier audio equipment available for rent, encompassing microphones, mixers, line arrays, and powered speakers. Our inventory includes reputable brands like Yamaha, JBL, Shure, Martin, and more, ensuring your reliance on dependable equipment.

Audio Equipment Rentals


Navigating the world of microphones for your event can be a tech aficionado's dream—or dilemma! With a plethora of options boasting diverse polar patterns, diaphragms, and designs tailored for specific purposes, the choices can be overwhelming. Fear not! Our event audio-visual equipment rentals come with seasoned audio engineers who skillfully select the perfect microphones. Rest assured, your message will not just be heard but will resonate with clarity and impact.   


In the tech-driven world of event sound, simply choosing any quality speaker and amplifier won't cut it for the crystal-clear audio you crave. Without top-notch speakers and amplifiers, your event's message might get lost in the void. Delving into the peak performance specs of these essential components is key. Fear not – our seasoned staff is here to guide you in finding the perfect rental combination tailored to ensure your event's sound is not just heard, but experienced with unparalleled clarity.

Sound Board

Our professional soundboard rentals provide the best in sound control for the simple breakout room setups to the most demanding touring acts. Digital models are available, so you can quickly implement your favorite mixes into your live event since you can save, store, and retrieve them to the board.

Audio design

Finding the right balance for your audio design is a challenging task. Without the right experience or know-how, it’s hard to provide a comfortable listing experience for everyone in attendance. Our experienced audio engineers know how and where to place the proper equipment so that the people in the back can hear without blowing out the eardrums of those in front. 

If you have a designer, we’re happy to supply your event with top of the line audio rentals. 

Visual Equipment Rentals


Epic events demand an epic visual experience! For the big leagues – concerts, major events – don't settle for less. Equip yourself with a killer multiple camera system that unleashes jaw-dropping footage on projector screens or video walls. No one gets left in the dark; everyone in the back gets a front-row view of the action on stage. Connect with our show professionals to dive into the tech realm and discover the perfect camera system and other mind-blowing event audio-visual equipment rentals. It's time to level up your event game – let's make it legendary!

Lighting board

We recommend that if your event calls for a variety of lights, you use a lighting board. It gives you the ability to seamlessly transition between lighting sets, giving your guests an immersive experience. 

Lighting Instrument Rentals

Step into the spotlight and own the stage! Our arsenal of lighting instrument rentals is your ticket to commanding attention exactly where it matters. Elevate your event with a selection that guarantees a jaw-dropping "Wow" factor. It's not just about lighting; it's about creating an experience. Explore the edgy world of lighting instruments and event production rentals for your upcoming event – because being ordinary is not an option.

Lighting Design

Elevate your event experience, whether it's a wedding, a concert, or a keynote speaker – lighting is the key! Don't let the intricacies of event illumination overwhelm you; partner with our seasoned professionals for a seamless journey. Dive into a world of lighting excellence with spotlights, LED lights, cameras, video boards, and more at your fingertips. At Wire Productions, our team of lighting virtuosos is ready to turn your vision into a visual masterpiece. From blending lighting hues to crafting immersive themes, our designers are your event's secret weapon. No event is too grand or too intimate; let's make yours extraordinary – contact our team today!

Ready to make your next event unforgettable? Explore our extensive range of event audio-visual equipment rentals in Texas. Whether you're a tech guru or need guidance, our team is here to ensure your show shines. Contact us now to discover the perfect production tech rentals for your event.