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 Wire Production’s creative design team works with and for you to make your next event shine. Working together we masterfully create a budget-friendly, stress-free, exuberant experience for our clients and their guests. Contact our seasoned creative director for a free consultation where we can explore the many ways that Wire Productions’ event planning and production services in Texas can cater to your event’s needs. 

Updating, remodeling, or brand-new installation, Wire Productions works alongside with architects, building engineers, and end-users to provide an easy to use state-of-the-art audio-visual system that will keep working year after year. Those who install it today will be the ones who maintain it, service it and provide routine staff training so everyone is safe and confident in using the AV System. Ready for an upgrade, talk to one of our installation specialists today. 

Contact us for a free quote on our event planning and production services in Texas today!

is your premier local non-union event-technology staffing solution. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and have a corporate culture of positive can-do attitudes. Your message is valuable and so is the skilled technicians you rely on to bring up the lights, sound, and video presentations. Present with confidence with our event planning and production services behind in Texas the scenes, on cue and standing by to make you look your best on stage. We handle the Scheduling, Payroll, and Insurance to keep your event running smoothly from load in to load out, so you can focus on your next cue.


'all the world's a stage...' captivate your audience

Are you a meeting planner, venue, exhibitor, AV company needing an affordable, short-term, professional AV equipment rental or items such as VIP lounge furniture? Our event planning and production services in Texas include delivering the gear your keynotes love to use so the message is clearly heard and seen to audiences of all sizes. Your guests love our comfy seats, decorative linens, fresh floral centerpieces, ambient lighting, and seamless production of your keynote speaker luncheon. Outside in the rain or in the hottest new venue in town, "All the World's a Stage..." so tell us when & where and we will CAPTIVATE YOUR AUDIENCE! 


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